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January 2013 (No. 6)

Welcome to our newsletter. First, we would like to apologize for the multiple emails of our last newsletter. We resolve to be more patient with the “send” button in 2013. Occasionally we will update you with news about David Matero Architecture. We welcome your comments, questions and feedback.

Maine AIA turns 100

In 2012 Fenway Park, L.L. Bean and Maine AIA turned 100. DM/A attended the 2012 Maine Home and Design awards ceremony at the Portland Museum of Art and many AIA Maine members came up on stage for a photo op as the Maine Chapter turned 100.At this Decembers’ annual meeting, the chapter honored our first executive director, Judith Harvie, who is retiring after 37 years with Maine AIA. Thank you for your service, Judy, you will be missed. AIA 100 Years

When Modernism Came to Maine

The highlight of the aforementioned Maine AIA annual meeting was a lecture by Maine’s State Historian, Earle G. Shettleworth Jr. The lecture, “When Modernism Came to Maine” examined homes designed by leading modernist architects from the 1930?s through the 1960?s. Mr. Shettleworth presented several very interesting buildings by some international architects, such as Marcel Breuer and Walter Gropius, as well as our well-known in-state architects John Calvin Stevens and Eaton Tarbell. Earle Shettleworth, Jr

Bayview Dental out of the ground

Bayview Dental is out of the ground. This 5,300 sf dentist office in Yarmouth will feature cathedral ceilings in the 11 exam room area with high diffused natural light. bayview-dental

New York City

After working in NYC for 12 years, but then not visiting since 2001, David had a lot to see and reminisce in the Big Apple last month. Besides the highlights of visiting with classmate Doug Austin, and catching up with former colleagues, Geoff Roesch and Tanya Barth, walking the High Line skypark was a wonderful experience. It’s no secret that David envisions something just like this on the remains of the Cartlon bridge that spans Bath and Woolwich. highline

2013 – A Time to Reflect on 2012

January is a time to reflect on the past year. Although life can seem chaotic with natural weather events, politics, economy, and man-made tragedies, DM/A continues to strive to create beautiful architecture whenever possible, and we can only do that because of our wonderful clients. Some of our firm highlights this year include our first employee, the completion of our first Lean Too house, our new marketing push with this newsletter, and our year-long commitment to advertising with Maine Home and Design.Here at DM/A, we don’t just design buildings, we build relationships. MHD3

On the drawing board…

A growing family in Auburn on a beautiful site needs more bedrooms and natural light in the living spaces. DM/A is working on a new second story addition for bedrooms, as well as a new wing off the south to capture natural light and views. A holistic scheme to be phased in over time, DM/A is creating a master plan for the various projects. auburn-lake-2
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