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June 2013 eNews

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June 2013 (No. 11)

Welcome to our newsletter. Occasionally we will update you with news about David Matero Architecture. We welcome your comments, questions and feedback.

Going Mobile

With an increasing amount of smartphone website users, we recently updated our website to make it mobile friendly.  You should not notice a difference on your computer, but our mobile website is much faster to operate and certainly user friendly thanks to Maine Hosting. Feel free to visit our website, www.davidmatero.com on your smartphones and let us know what you think.  But, please, do not drive and browse. mobile

Maine Retreat

The Maine Retreat is a 1,600 sf house, neighboring a very distinct glass house.  The cost to provide heat and hot water is estimated to cost $700 a year.  PV panels could make this net zero…or you could plan on paying less than $60 a month to heat your house and hot water.  This project is currently out for pricing by Bachman Construction. north-bath

Maine Home + Design Show

On Saturday June 29 (10am to 5pm) and Sunday June 30 (10 am to 4pm) DM/A will be at the Maine Home + Design Show in Rockport, Maine.  For the third year in a row, DM/A will be exhibiting our work and answering questions in the AIA Pavilion.  Please contact us if you plan on visiting as we have some complimentary tickets for our friends and guests. mhdshow

Views from the job site

The Lean Too Freeport project is progressing nicely.  Pictured are the south facing openings from the dining room.  If you look closely you can see thick exterior walls.  By using 2×6 walls on the exterior, 2×4 walls on the interior, and staggering the studs we can greatly reduce the amount of thermal bridging at studs, headers, and posts…and create 9 inches for an insulation cavity.  The roof trusses are scheduled to be installed early this week so we should have a roof soon after that.  Construction by Senecal Construction Services. lean-too-freeport-4

Stairway to Heaven

Understanding coastal permitting rules is something we do at DM/A, sometimes related to buildings and sometimes related to accessory structures.  One of our most recent projects is redesigning a set of steps to the water in Brunswick.  The owners want to use the steps this summer while we work on the cottage redesign for phase 2.  The section is quite dramatic, and honestly, fun to draw.  Construction by Senecal Construction Services. railing-section

Maine BME

While we are excited to see our Re-Modular house begin deconstruction so we can start constructing, we are equally excited to recycle as much as the existing house as we can.  The Maine Building Materials Exchange is a non-profit organization dedicated “to keep people in their homes” by salvaging building materials such as windows, doors, cabinets, even siding when possible, for the purpose of providing these materials to low-income families in Maine.  Resources are redirected from the landfill, the owner gets a tax break, and low-income families get inexpensive building products.  Win, win, win.  Construction by Alexander and Allen. re-modular-7

Guest Critic

Earlier this month, David spent a morning at the University of Maine in Augusta as a guest critic for the presentation of student’s thesis projects.  It was even more interesting because all the student projects were based in Bath.  From a brewpub to a mentoring center to a school for the visually impaired…all these projects would be a welcome addition to Maine’s cool little city.  The effort, thought, and work that went into these projects is a testament to quality of the architecture program at UMA. uma

On the drawing board

Last month we showed a sketch for a cottage in West Bath that has been in the family for generations and needs an upgrade.  DM/A’s mission was to maintain the essence of the cottage while updating and modernizing both the interior and exterior.  This month you can see the progression of the design.  Soon to be priced out by Oceanside Builders. family-retreat-3
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