The Koop

Georgetown, Maine

Architecture: David Matero Architecture

Structural Engineering: Casco Bay Engineering

Builder: Chartier Building Remodeling

With stunning views of Sloop Ledge (not far from Reid State Park), this small summer cottage got an extensive renovation and small addition. Much of the existing finish on the interior was re-used to maintain its summer cottage feel.

Portions of the existing cottage have bare studs interior, as this summer cottage is not open during the winter. Where studs are covered it’s done with tongue and groove wood to keep a wood interior.

It was important for the family that the cottage remain small, not only for the charm but to stay on budget. Bedrooms are small so that there could be four private sleeping rooms. Even space under the stairs are usable for a play space.

Living spaces are opened to the spectacular view, and the open plan allows friends and family to enjoy Maine in the summer.