Harpswell Get Away Boat House

Harpswell, Maine

Architecture: David Matero Architecture

Interior Design: Bradley Bowden

Structural Engineering: Casco Bay Engineering

Builder: Oceanside Builders

On the shores of Harpswell, DMA designed a boat house garage with a two-bedroom guest suite above. Working closely with the interior designer, Bradley Bowden from Chicago, the boat house has a feeling of old and new.

The large gable windows offer a wonderful view from the small great room on the second floor. Recycled wood accents both the floor and cathedral ceiling, and hidden LED lighting illuminates the spaces from the beams. The interior spaces are tied together with painted nickel-gap poplar.

The boat house will serve as a living spaces while the main house is being reconstructed. The exterior finishes and colors evoke some of the more endearing qualities of the original main house, while providing a more sensitive approach to the architecture.