Yarmouth Clipper

Yarmouth, Maine

Architecture: David Matero Architecture

Structural Engineering: Casco Bay Engineering

Landscape Architect: Cowles Studio Landscape Architect

Builder: Floyd J. Brown Jr. Construction

Photographer: Jeff Roberts Imaging

An in-town lot in Yarmouth was the perfect location for a family of four. A run-down house was removed and replaced with a 3,500 sf high energy efficient home oriented towards the sun and the main road. Extra thick walls, triple-glazed windows, and solar panels oriented due south help to create a near net-zero house.

The design process was a hands-on process, as the homeowners had many ideas that DMA was able to message into a house design that not only fit their aesthetic (clean, simple lines) but also fit into the historical architecture of Yarmouth. The way the house is used, from large to small gatherings, fits the Owner's lifestyle perfectly and offers spaces like a central kitchen, high-ceiling living room, and a wonderful screen porch for entertaining parties or family.

A white and black exterior and lack of ornate trim evoke a modern style, and the large gable front and massing work with Yarmouth's architecture. The sunshades help to create a comfortable environment inside will adding a constant shade and shadow movement on the facade. The project was featured in the September issue of Maine Home + Design magazine.