Alisson’s Restaurant

Kennebunkport, Maine

Architecture (Interior): David Matero Architecture

Lighting Design: Greg Day Lighting

Interior Finishes: Jeanne Handy Designs

Builder: Leo Richardson

Photographer: Carol Liscovitz Photography

Alisson’s Restaurant, located in the heart of the Kennbunkport’s Dock Square, has been a local and visitor favorite casual restaurant for over 40 years. Not since a major renovation in 1984 has Allison’s received a make-over.

DMA reorganized the seating area by relocating restrooms and providing flexible and various styles of seating with built-in booths, areas for high-tops and semi-private seating areas.

Douglas Fir accent walls hide the tired brick which helps to provide an entirely fresh new look and still maintain a casual setting. Some of the Doug Fir is back-lit to help balance lighting levels within the seating areas. The color scheme by Jeanne Handy Designs, combined with appropriate lighting by Greg Day Lighting, completes the visual ensemble for Alisson’s.

All of this was made possible by the extraordinary work by Leo Richardson who completed a tremendous amount of work in just a few weeks in what was an impossible schedule.